Deirdre Rakus Photography: Blog en-us (C) Deirdre Rakus Photography (Deirdre Rakus Photography) Tue, 22 May 2018 01:53:00 GMT Tue, 22 May 2018 01:53:00 GMT Deirdre Rakus Photography: Blog 86 120 V Senior Prom Session Sneak Peek | {Worcester, MA Event Photographer} I was so honored this past weekend to take Prom Portraits for my gorgeous niece, Violetka!  This smart, funny and stunning High School Senior is headed to Holy Cross in the Fall and she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Here is a quick sneak peek - I am so excited to share more soon!


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G Family Maternity Session | {Worcester, MA Maternity & Newborn Photographer| I had such a lovely time this past weekend with the gorgeous G Family!  It seems like just yesterday we were taking newborn portraits for their adorable little guy and now they are looking forward to their newest addition!  We met at their alma mater and explored the beautiful grounds.  Can't wait to share the maternity gallery with them soon, and looking forward to their next newborn session when they will officially be a family of 4! 


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Apple Tree Arts Great Hall Gala 2018 Sneak Peek! | {Grafton, MA Events Photographer} This past Saturday evening, Apple Tree Arts in Grafton, MA held their annual Great Hall Gala and it was nothing short of spectacular.  Guests spent a night at the Speakeasy and enjoyed live music, DJ for dancing, Grafton Grill and Peppers Artful Event's dining, cocktails and a silent auction.  I adored the stunning 20s attire of the guests, can't resist sharing a few sneak peeks from this fabulous event!  Many more to come soon!


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Baby H Sneak Peek | {Sudbury, MA Newborn Photographer} I had such a wonderful time with the beautiful D Family and adore these two gorgeous little girls!  Can this stunning family get any sweeter!  It doesn't seem like too long ago we were taking big sisters newborn portraits and now she is taking on her important new role in such a great way!  Can't wait to share the entire gallery with them soon! 

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Baby D Sneak Peek! | {Shrewsbury, MA Newborn Photographer} I had such a wonderful time meeting this wonderful family!  They welcomed Baby D into the family and big brother E was super sweet and silly!  I so adore editing this baby's portraits!!  Love that beautiful head of hair! 


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Baby G Newborn Sneak Peek | {Shrewsbury, MA Newborn Photographer} I had such a lovely time this past weekend taking newborn portraits of sweet Baby G!  This handsome little guy was such an adorable bundle of snuggles - I even got a smile during our session. :)  Loving editing my new little buddy - can't wait to share the complete gallery with this wonderful family soon!

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NGES Photography EdCamp 2018 | {Grafton, MA Photographer} I had such a wonderful time this past week participating at NGES EdCamp 2018!


I held two classes where children ages Kindergarten and 1st Grade came together to learn all about photography.  We discussed what makes a great photographer (one brilliant girl said practice) and about how they are all great photographers as long as they love taking pictures. 

I originally brought my first professional camera for them to use, as it's older/less fragile than my current model, but to be honest all of the kids were so into photography and such great listeners they all had a chance to take portraits with both cameras.

We used a frame to learn how to compose portraits and they all earned their own photographer badge!  Below are the portraits they took right as class started, then after discussing the 'rule of thirds', lighting, storytelling and composition they took portraits again and the results are remarkable!  So very impressed with these talented students! (Note: any portraits of children's faces (aside from my own kids) and student names have been edited so they are not readable for privacy.)


First Round of Pictures, all of these are very beautiful, and I love how they walked around the classroom to select their photo subjects.


Second Round of Photos after looking at professional portraits, discussing rule of thirds and 'bokeh'!  I am so in awe of the way each student really focused into framing their second portraits and how stunning the results are.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these talented photos from EdCamp photography class! 


Now, to keep the fun going at home, try some of these wonderful photography adventures! :)

Photography Adventures at Home

20 STEPS : Go outside with family and your camera, take 20 steps together in any direction and stop.  Then, compose and frame a photo from where you are standing.  At the end of your walk, take a look at the photos you took showing your fun family adventure!


ONE THING: Pick just one thing (example: color blue, things that move, etc.) and search around your house and neighborhood taking photos that only include that one thing.  It’s a fun challenge to test creativity!


TOY STORY: Gather your favorite toys and create a story that they act out.  Take pictures of every scene.  At the end you can print them out and write a story to go along with it or keep it as a fun picture book.  Then snuggle up and read your custom book together!


DAY IN THE LIFE: Set a timer to go off every hour for one whole day.  Each time it goes off, grab your camera and take a photo of what you are doing.  This is super special if you do it each year as you grow!


HAPPY: Make a list of 5 things that make you happy and take pictures of them.  Then, share them with friends and loved ones, this one is sure to bring on lots of smiles! :)

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D Family Gender Reveal in the Studio! | {Grafton, MA Child Photography} So beyond excited to share this wonderful studio session we recently had in the studio!  I'm trying to catch up on my blog posting as the fundraising sessions (and snow storms) kept me busy (and I wanted to give this family time to share the news themselves first) but I cannot resist sharing this wonderful family and their exciting news!

These brothers are so handsome and sweet!  Mom and I planned out some fun portrait session ideas together and she found the most charming shirts for the session!  I couldn't resist including some special confetti - mess and all, totally worth it! :)

Congratulations again to this beautiful family!!! So thrilled for you all!

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Sneak Peeks YMCA LIVESTRONG Cancer Survivorship Fundraiser! I can't begin to thank so many wonderful families for participating in this special YMCA LIVESTRONG Fundraiser Mini Sessions! 

I had such a great time with these sweet kids and their adorable buddies!  Looking forward to sharing the mini session galleries with their families soon and can't wait for the sessions booked this week!

On March 10th, I along with my amazing team, Spokes-Women (Kaitlyn, Beth, Amy, Heena & Maria), will be participating in the wonderful cycle-a-thon at YMCA Boroughs to benefit the LIVESTRONG program.  Spokes-Women Team Website:

Still can't get over all of the giggles and smiles from this weekend! :)



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Mini Session & YMCA LIVESTRONG Cancer Survivorship Fundraiser! {March 3rd & By Appt | Grafton, MA} Screenshot

On March 10th, I along with my amazing team, Spokes-Women (Kaitlyn, Beth, Amy, Heena & Maria), will be participating in the wonderful cycle-a-thon at YMCA Boroughs to benefit the LIVESTRONG program.  This is a free 12 week health and well-being program for local cancer survivors and their families.

Spokes-Women Team Website:

To help raise funds for our team, join me this Saturday, March 3rd between 10:00am - 12:00pm (or until March 9th by appointment) at Deirdre Rakus Photography Studio, 2 Grafton Common, Grafton, MA, for a 15 minute mini session with your sweet children’s little loves!  Teddy Bears, Baby Dolls, Robot’s and more welcome! :)

My daughter asked for a newborn session for her little baby and it was such a fun session, I thought other children would love the chance to bring in their special loves for a session of them together!

* Your mini session, along with supporting a wonderful cause, will include a minimum of 3-5 digital images!  

* 100% of money raised will go directly to YMCA LIVESTRONG Program for cancer survivors, a place near and dear to my heart!

* A minimum donation of $20 is requested and more is always welcome towards this worthy cause!

* Space is limited, please call 508.728.5175 or email: to reserve your spot!



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February Break - Hours Change for the Week Please note, my hours will be different because of February Break this week. I look forward to the sessions booked this week and hope everyone enjoys the warmer weather.


Prepping for a session this afternoon that involves balloons and confetti - can't wait!!!

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Jenny + Tom Engagement Session Sneak Peek | {Worcester, MA Wedding & Engagement Photographer} I had such a wonderful time this past weekend taking engagement portraits for Jenny and Tom!  I've known Tom for years in the photography world as we've shot many weddings together, and when they asked me to be their wedding photographer this coming September, I was truly honored.  Jenny is so sweet and beautiful - I can't get over her gorgeous eyes!!! They are so in love and it clearly shows in their portraits - I'm so excited for their big day!  Here is a quick sneak peek of their session!  More to come soon! :)


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Baby Peaches Special Newborn Session | {Grafton Children's Baby & Teddy Bear Photographer} My very sweet daughter requested a special portrait session for her newborn baby. She has been planning and looking forward to it all weekend and was so beyond thrilled to have some special attention on Baby Peaches. :)

Loved this so much - thinking about setting up mini sessions at a mini price so children can bring their special loves (babies, teddy bears, etc.) for a special session focused on them. Let me know your thoughts!


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Newborn M Sneak Peek | {Bolton, MA Newborn and Family Photographer} Little Baby M is here!!!  I've been so excited for this session since we did their Family Portraits this past Fall (See them HERE!)  This lovely family I have known for years and it was so wonderful to capture the first official newborn session for little M!  Here are more sneak peeks - so looking forward to sharing the entire gallery with this beautiful family tomorrow!  How sweet are big brothers and sister with Baby M!  Just adore these!


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Baby M Snowman Snow Day! | {Bolton, MA Newborn Photographer} A perfect little snowman on a snow day! :)

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Baby M Sneak Peek | {Bolton, MA Newborn Photographer} Relaxing and editing this sweet newborn whom I was lucky enough to photograph this past weekend!  I've been taking portraits of the beautiful family for years and was so thrilled to be asked to take little Baby M's first session!  Many more sneak peeks to come this week but can't resist sharing this sweet little boy quickly!

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Meg + Mike are Married!!! {Grafton & Sturbridge, MA Wedding Photographer} The beautiful Megan and handsome Mike had the most stunning Winter Wonderland Wedding and I was so honored to photograph their amazing day. 

Megan and Mike lovingly planned every detail so that both the wedding guests at the church and reception, as well as those smiling down from Heaven, felt the love and special honor that was apparent with being part of their special day. 

The flowers, designed by Petal and Crumb were gorgeous and included the sweet detail of framed portraits of Meg's parents, who in spirit where specially entwined in her entire day.  The stunning bridal jewelry was by Derek & Vic from Designer Jewelers right in Westborough.  Sue at Bella's Boutique was amazing at helping Meg find the perfect dress and veil.  Stephanie at Cut Loose in Millbury designed the bride's hair and Jessica from Orange Salon in Millbury did the makeup.  The church was Saint James Church in South Grafton, MA and it was a beautiful ceremony.  All Points Limo provided a wonderful stretch escalade to ensure the bridal party safetly traveled in the snow.  The reception was at Public House and from the decor to the food, every single part of the wedding was exquisite.  The DJ, Greg Bedard, kept the dance floor busy all evening long. 

I wish Meg + Mike a lifetime of happiness - here are some highlights of their stunning day - so excited to share the entire gallery with them soon!


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Mattrick Wedding Sneak Peek Coming Tomorrow! | {Grafton & Sturbridge, MA Wedding Photographer} I am so in love with this stunning January wedding of the beautiful Megan + Mike!  A nice full sneak peek of their special day is coming tomorrow but I can't resist sharing a few special portraits.  Between the thoughtful details and overwhelming love between the couple, family and their friends, this day was just perfect!




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M Family Newborn Session Sneak Peek! | {Grafton, MA Newborn Photographer} I first met the gorgeous M Family in 2016 when we took portraits of their sweet son turning 1 {}, and now I was so honored that they asked me to photograph their newest addition to the family - a sweet baby boy born on New Year's Eve!  Little C has the cutest newborn hair ever and this family is so loving and sweet.  Can't wait to share the entire gallery from our session with them soon!

This beautiful knit hat was a gift for little C, just precious!

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Please Vote! - Hulafrog's Most Loved Family Photographer 2018! Please take a moment to vote for me as the Most Loved Family Photographer in Hulafrog's 2018 Awards! I truly love what I do and it would be a great honor to win! Thank you!!


You can vote for me by clicking HERE!   {}

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