Deirdre Rakus Photography | NGES Photography EdCamp 2018 | {Grafton, MA Photographer}

NGES Photography EdCamp 2018 | {Grafton, MA Photographer}

April 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I had such a wonderful time this past week participating at NGES EdCamp 2018!


I held two classes where children ages Kindergarten and 1st Grade came together to learn all about photography.  We discussed what makes a great photographer (one brilliant girl said practice) and about how they are all great photographers as long as they love taking pictures. 

I originally brought my first professional camera for them to use, as it's older/less fragile than my current model, but to be honest all of the kids were so into photography and such great listeners they all had a chance to take portraits with both cameras.

We used a frame to learn how to compose portraits and they all earned their own photographer badge!  Below are the portraits they took right as class started, then after discussing the 'rule of thirds', lighting, storytelling and composition they took portraits again and the results are remarkable!  So very impressed with these talented students! (Note: any portraits of children's faces (aside from my own kids) and student names have been edited so they are not readable for privacy.)


First Round of Pictures, all of these are very beautiful, and I love how they walked around the classroom to select their photo subjects.


Second Round of Photos after looking at professional portraits, discussing rule of thirds and 'bokeh'!  I am so in awe of the way each student really focused into framing their second portraits and how stunning the results are.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these talented photos from EdCamp photography class! 


Now, to keep the fun going at home, try some of these wonderful photography adventures! :)

Photography Adventures at Home

20 STEPS : Go outside with family and your camera, take 20 steps together in any direction and stop.  Then, compose and frame a photo from where you are standing.  At the end of your walk, take a look at the photos you took showing your fun family adventure!


ONE THING: Pick just one thing (example: color blue, things that move, etc.) and search around your house and neighborhood taking photos that only include that one thing.  It’s a fun challenge to test creativity!


TOY STORY: Gather your favorite toys and create a story that they act out.  Take pictures of every scene.  At the end you can print them out and write a story to go along with it or keep it as a fun picture book.  Then snuggle up and read your custom book together!


DAY IN THE LIFE: Set a timer to go off every hour for one whole day.  Each time it goes off, grab your camera and take a photo of what you are doing.  This is super special if you do it each year as you grow!


HAPPY: Make a list of 5 things that make you happy and take pictures of them.  Then, share them with friends and loved ones, this one is sure to bring on lots of smiles! :)


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