Deirdre Rakus Photography | Client Referral Program

Client Referral Program

I truly appreciate all of my clients and there is no greater compliment you can give me than to refer friends and family to me.  I wanted to create something to thank you for spreading the word about Deirdre Rakus Photography, so what better way to say thank you than to give you a little gift!     

Introducing the Deirdre Rakus Photography Referral Program!!!  Refer me a NEW client and receive $50 towards prints and packages for future sessions with me!

To be eligible to receive a referral credit you must be a client with a session that has been booked & paid for or have had a previous session.

The Rules:

  • Referral credit can not be used on previous sessions

  • Referral credit cannot be used for session fees, only prints and products

  • There is no limit on how many people you can refer.  You will get a $50 credit for each referral

  • Referral money cannot be used for past session prints or money back from previous sessions, only future sessions with me

  • It is only considered a referral when the client you refer has fully paid for their session

  • When your referrals book, they will need to let me know that you referred them

  • The referral credit must be used by you - it is not transferrable

  • Referral credit can not be used toward session fees or digital images

  • This referral credit is not actual money, you will not receive actual money, just a note on your account and a discount off prints and packages for next session you book.   

Please email me with any questions: