Grafton Soccer Club


Digital Image Orders are being emailed Tuesday, October 19th. 


Printed items will be distributed to coaches to share with teams by the weekend of October 23rd.


Contact me with any questions!

I am so looking forward to taking Grafton Soccer Club portraits this year! A portion of each package sold is donated back to the league!


Photo day will be held on September 25th, 26th and October 2nd & 3rd!

Location: Lion's Club Field, 68 Brigham Hill Road Grafton, MA 01519

Please find our photo day schedule below. This webpage will continue to be updated so check back frequently for any changes and before heading to the field. Updates are also posted to my Facebook & Instagram account.

Rain Policy: Photo day will go on as long as it is only lightly misting. Should the rain be heavier we would have to reschedule teams and will do everything possible to provide advanced notice. Note, if it only rains in the morning we still may hold afternoon photo sessions. Contact your coach or me directly with any questions or to check the status of your team's photo day time. Cell 508-728-5175


Coaches: Email me with your time change request by Thursday, September 16th and you can move your team to any empty spot on the calendar that is available. Please include a first and second choice (ex: Please move BU6 Stifo to Sunday, Sept 26 @ 10:20am or 3pm.) I am going through requests on a first come, first served basis but left lots of options (50 teams, 74 time slots) to hopefully accommodate everyone well.


If you cannot make your team's scheduled team time slot and would still like individual soccer photos please contact me and we will set up a time on one of the other soccer photo days.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Wear your full uniform for picture day and bring a soccer ball!

Saturday, September 25th

9:40 AM - BU10 Brennan

10:00 AM - BU8 Boyle/Adamo

10:40 AM - BU6 Fenn

11:00 AM - BU6 Salomon/LeBoeuf

11:20 AM - GU8 Bjork

12:40 PM - BU8 Callahan/Brophy

1:00 PM - BU8 Kiley

1:20 PM - BU8 Batcheller/Pavasaris

1:40 PM - BU8 Blair/Larrabee

3:20 PM - BU8 McManus/Trant

Sunday September 26th

9:00 AM - GU8 Mussier

9:40 AM - GU6 Brennan

10:20 AM - BU6 Deleppo

10:40 AM - GU6 McInerny

11:00 AM - GU6 Piel

11:20 AM - GU6 Villatoro

11:40 AM - GU6 Boyle/Giancola

12:00 PM - GU8 Ansah/McCarthy

12:20 PM - BU6 Bagu/Mauro

12:40 PM - BU8 Bagu/Mauro

1:00 PM - BU10 Bagu

1:20 PM - GU8 Papazian

1:40 PM - GU8 Robers/Arango


Saturday, October 2nd

9:00AM - GU6 Hughes/Bitencourt

9:30AM - BU10 Kiley

10:00 AM - BU12 Kay/Callahan 

10:20 AM - BU10 Stifo

10:40 AM - BU6 Stifo

11:00 AM - BU14 Stifo

11:20 AM - BU10 Brophy

11:40 AM - BU12 Reyes/Patel

12:00 PM - BU12 Flanagan/Elliot/Lenz

12:20 PM - GU12 Hughes/Ryan/Hwang

1:20 PM - BU8 Almedia/Porter

1:40 PM - BU12 Haskell/Meganck

2:00 PM - BU14 Roberts

2:20 PM - BU14 Magill

3:00 PM - BU10 Kumar

Sunday October 3rd

9:20 AM - GU8 Williams/Suhl

9:40 AM - GU8 Wright/Klocek/Diggins

10:00 AM - BU6 Demers/Costa

10:20 AM - GU10 Cadrin/Kern

10:40 AM - GU10 Elliot/Compton/Uliano

11:00 AM - GU10 Hwang/Ryan

11:40 AM - GU12 Wright/St.Ours

12:20 PM - GU12 Jenkins/Belton

1:00 PM - GU8 Salomon/Leboef/Crouch

1:20 PM - GU12 Hetzel/Orsini/Compton

1:40 PM - GU14 Willar/Schonhoff

2:00 PM - GU14 Piel-Barroso

Call if you have any trouble finding me or if you have any additional questions, Cell: 508-728-5175  Thank you!

Grafton Soccer Club Contact: www.sportsmanager.us/gscsoccer

Order forms will be shared with coaches soon and printable forms can be download here:

Sample picture of items are below. Hoping to have soccer samples by photo day and will also update this page as soon as they arrive. Soccer items will have the same look and feel but include the Grafton Soccer Club logo & colors. Contact me with any questions!