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Sports Packages & Products

Sport's Mini Sessions Summer 2020 are here! I'm so looking forward to taking portraits of the athletes!


Session sitting fees are $40 for the first child and include one outdoor 10 minute mini session along with $20 credit for the package of your choice.  Families with multiple players need to only pay one $20 sitting fee and $20 per athlete for the session which will then become a credit on their account. 


Each athlete will have their own 10 minute outdoor session in front of my 'Little Fenway' scoreboard backdrop at a local park in Grafton.  Athletes will need to provide their own bats and/or gloves to the session and social distance rules will apply so we stay a minimum of 6 feet of distance.

Contact me via email or call to book your session! Once we confirm a date and time I will email you our contract and session fees can be paid via online or Venmo.  After a session has been booked, download the order form below and bring it along to our session or return it via email/text.

Download Sports Order Form 2020 Here:

Package A | GOAT           $60

8x10 Designer Plaque

8x10 Magazine Cover

8x10 Individual Portrait

5x7 Individual Portrait

12 Pro Trading Cards 

Designer Magnet

Package C | ALL STARS   $22

8x10 Individual Portrait

5x7 Individual Portrait

8 Wallets

Package B | MVP     $35

8x10 Magazine Cover

5x7 Individual Portrait

8 Wallets

Designer Magnet 4x5

Button 3x5

Package D | CUSTOM ROSTER (any 4) $30

8x10 Individual Portrait

8 Wallets

Designer Magnet


Large Keychain

Bag Tag

ADDITIONAL ITEMS (may be added after one package has been selected first)


Digital download of image $10

A. Pro Trading Cards (set of 12) $15

B. Stainless Steel Water Bottle (15oz, 10" tall) $28

C. Thermal Mug (16oz, 7: tall) $20

D. Tumbler (double-walled acrylic cup, 16oz, 6" tall) $18

E. Water Bottle (15oz w/ storage) $15

F. Cherry Wood Plaque (8"x10") $30
G. Metal Luggage Tag (2.5"x4.25") $12

H. Designer Magnet 4" x 5" (set of 2) $8

I. Wallets (8 total) $8

J. 5x7 Individual Print $8

K. 8x10 Individual Print $10

L. Large Keychain (4"x5") $10

M. Vivid Keychain (1.6"x2.25") $12

N. Button (3"x5") $8

O. Bag Tag (2"x3.5") $10

P. Stand Up Dry Erase Boards (8"x10" w/ marker) $20

Q. Funpacks $10

R. Magazine Cover 8"x10") $15

S. Calendars (8"x10") $10

T. Small Clings (7" circle) $12

U. Flashlight Keychain (1"x2") $8

V. 3 Key Tag Traders $8

W. Magnet Frame (2.5"x3.5") $8

X. Vivid Dog Tag (1.125"x2") $14

Y. Acrylic Block (4"x6") $25

Z. Photo Dog Tags $10

AA. Game Day Tickets $8

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