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photography lessons

My comprehensive photography lessons are designed for all ages, from young enthusiasts to adults looking to enhance their skills. Whether you're using a digital camera or a smartphone, our courses will help you capture stunning photos.

1 Hour Lesson: $50 per person 

Group Lesson: $40 per person (groups 2+)

Workshops: Varies 

Children & Teen Lessons

1. Introduction to Photography:

  • Basics of how cameras work

  • Understanding different types of cameras: point-and-shoot, DSLR, and smartphone cameras

  • Simple rules of composition: Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Framing

2. Fun with Photos:

  • Creative photo projects to practice skills

  • Using natural light and experimenting with angles

  • Basic photo editing with kid-friendly apps

3. Exploring Nature Photography:

  • Tips for taking photos of animals, plants, and landscapes

  • Field trips to practice photography in nature

  • Encouraging storytelling through photos

Adult Lessons:

1. Mastering the Basics:

  • Understanding camera settings: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed

  • Differences between shooting with a digital camera and a smartphone

  • Tips for stable shots: tripods, stabilizers, and handheld techniques

2. Advanced Composition Techniques:

  • Using advanced rules of composition for more dynamic photos

  • Exploring depth of field and background management

  • Techniques for better portrait photography

3. Lighting and Exposure:

  • Mastering natural and artificial lighting

  • Understanding exposure and how to control it

  • Using flash effectively in different scenarios


  • Hands-on sessions to practice new skills

  • Photo walks and group projects for real-world experience

  • One-on-one feedback and critique sessions to improve your work

Lessons are designed to be interactive and practical, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills to take amazing photos, whether you're using a high-end digital camera or the latest smartphone. Join me and discover the art of photography!


Grafton, MA
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