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Corporate Style Guide

Headshot and corporate branding portraits are such an important first introduction of yourself to your clients. I love helping my clients ensure their corporate image, style and true personality shine through. Below are a few tips and tricks to help as you plan your wardrobe for our session.  While these are not hard rules, please do keep them in mind as they are strong recommendations for planning your portrait session.

Surroundings Matter: Be mindful of our session location. If our session is during the summer at a park, avoid wearing green as you may blend into the background. Also, think about where you will use your headshot and corporate branding images. Ensure what you wear compliments your company logo and color scheme and sets the tone for the line of work you are in and the message you want to convey.
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Things to Wear
Bright Solid Colors: These are beautiful for portraits, adding visual interest and complementing skin tones.  You can wear a solid bright shirt or accessory.
Coordinate: Team members should wear colors that complement each other.  
Texture: Various textures and layers of color and fabrics add visual interest in a portrait.  Think knits, scarves, cardigans, headbands, tights & ties.  Fun jewelry that compliments your style, nothing too trendy which may date the picture later.
Makeup: Wear a little more makeup than you would everyday.  

Things to Avoid
Small Patterns: Thin stripes, tiny checks, small dots and herringbone; they are confusing and do not photograph well.  
Light Colors with Fair Skin: This includes flesh tones, beige, tan, peach, pink, white and yellow.  They tend to wash out a picture. 
Solid Black: Wearing black from head to toe does not translate well in portraits.  It takes away visual interest (and is often not as flattering as hoped).  Try pairing black with a colorful cardigan, adding a splash of color with a scarf, or layering a black cardigan with a pop of color underneath to help break up the dark color and add style and interest.
Matching Group Outfits (unless it is a uniform): Do not have a group wear the same color on top, for example, as this can appear lackluster in a portrait.  Often the colors also end up being slightly different and clashing.
Words on Clothing: Do not wear clothing with logos or words unless they represent your business, it can be distracting for portraits.

  • Check clothing for loose threads.
  • Ensure all garments are freshly ironed and without lint.
  • Nails should be manicured & trimmed, no chipping paint.
  • Don't worry about minor skin blemishes as these can often be edited.
  • If you wear glasses, try to wear contacts to avoid reflection issues
  • Drink plenty of water the day before, it is wonderful to hydrate skin.
  • Get a good nights sleep!
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Questions or Style Guidance? I'm always available to help!!! 
Call / Email / Text pictures of your outfit plans and I love helping plan out wardrobes together!
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