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NGES Ed Camp 2019

I had such a wonderful time with the Kindergarten and 1st Grade students teaching them about photography for EdCamp 2019! The amazing students in my class each used a professional DSLR and I am so impressed with their talent!

We began the class by each taking turns snapping one photo of flowers. I told them they could place the flowers anywhere and only helped guide them with camera safety (using a strap and supporting underneath). Their beautiful initial results are below.

Then, we went over some important photography concepts such as 'The Rule of Thirds' and 'Filling the Frame'. We also covered about changing perspective such as kneeling, shooting from over your subject and walking around to find light and how that improves portraits. Afterwards, each student again was told they could move the flowers and take portraits from different angles. This time I again only guided them with camera safety and gave them small tips. After each turn we shared the portraits and inspired and encouraged each other.

The end results surely speak for themselves, we have amazing Kindergarden and 1st Grade Photographers!!

Now, the class doesn't stop here, each student received a little monster buddy for them to photograph. I welcome sharing with me the portraits your photographers take (!! This is a fun way to keep the photography learning going. With the second class we had time to start taking portraits of our guys and they collaborated so nicely and these are all student taking pictures!! I love how they had their guys all hold hands - great teamwork with this whole bunch!

Wonderful time at EdCamp 2019!!!

Keep the fun going with these Photography Adventures at Home!

20 STEPS Go outside with family and your camera, take 20 steps together in any direction and stop. Then compose and frame a photo from where you are standing. At the end look at the photos you took on your adventure together!

ONE THING Pick just one thing (example: color blue, things that move, etc.) and search around your house and neighborhood taking photos that only include that one thing. It’s a fun challenge that tests creativity!

TOY STORY Gather your favorite towns and create a story that they act out. Take pictures of every scene. At the end, you can print them out, snuggle up and read your custom book together!

DAY IN THE LIFE Set a timer to go off every hour for one whole day. Each time it goes off, grab your camera and take a photo of what you are doing. This is super special if you do it each year as you grow!

HAPPY Make a list of 5 things that make you happy and take pictures of them. Then, share them online or printed with your family!



A photograph has the power to capture special moments in time and freeze them so you can always hold them close. I am dedicated to ensuring the photos I take touch your heart and keep your memories vivid for a lifetime.

Deirdre Rakus is a premier Massachusetts photographer offering Newborn, Children & Family, High School Senior, Maternity, Event, Commercial & Wedding photography.


My style of photography is a combination of candid and directional, resulting in beautiful and real photos.

Sessions are held on location with natural light or in my studio on Grafton Common. I primarily serve the Central Massachusetts area, but travel to Boston and Cape Cod for sessions and will travel depending on the event and location.

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